Morecambe Bay Kitesurfing Club


This club is based in Morecambe and covers the whole bay area. We are for the the benefit of local riders, the local community and visitors. If you have any questions please email us.

Membership and Insurance

Club membership is in conjunction with the BKSA which includes third party liability insurance. You can join us online via British Kitesports, be sure to select Morecambe Bay as your club on the application form.

Just Visiting

We fly from The Battery at Morecambe West End. It has a car park, public toilets, cafes, and supports wind directions from SW, through W, to N. There are some local hazards you should know about, including: strong tidal currents, limited escape routes at tides over 8.5m, mussel beds and old fishing net stakes. Talk to us on the beach or drop us an email for the information. Please do not fly here without insurance; your actions can affect us all.

Can I learn?

If you are thinking of taking up the sport we welcome you, we all thought "I want to do that" at some point... some of us still do. From Spring to Autumn there is a regular monthly meet on the beach where you are welcome to come and find out more, email us for the next meeting date or look on Facebook. For eveyones' safety please do not try to learn by yourself, get lessons from a qualified trainer. To find one contact us at or the British Kitesports.

More Information

The place to get general and current information is our club Facebook page.